The underground landscape of Chiapas is amazingly vast and includes: caves, subterranean rivers, vertical chasms and caverns, all of them rich in flora and fauna, much of which is endemic.
In Chiapas, what especially stands out are the chasms (also called: basements, pits, abysses, wells), which characterize themselves for the lush forests you may find inside.
“Explora” invites you to discover this wonderful world.

“El Chorreadero” Cave                       Watch the video                 

Experience an exciting tour inside this cavern, starting the adventure where the “El Chorreadero” waterfall springs out.
We will hike through a tunnel that will lead us to a huge natural hall. A stream runs through it, creating subterranean waterfalls and extremely beautiful pools. Following the riverbed, we will continue our exploration, punctuated with exciting rappels and swimming on several occasions.
We can organize this tour with a minimum of 4 people and a maximum of 6.

Trip price: $ 1,250 pesos per person
Trip includes:
-Transport Tuxtla Gtz – “El Chorreadero” – Tuxtla Gtz
-Site entrance fee
-Descent equipment
-Helmet with frontal light and batteries
-Neoprene suit
-Professional guides
Season: January - May.
Duration: 6 hours.
Difficulty level: medium.
Age: 10+

Fosa de las Cotorras.

This chasm owes its name to the many parrots inhabiting it. A forest grows inside it with trees up to 30 mts. high. The pit is 92 mts. high in free fall with a mouth of 145 mts. in diameter.
On our way down, we will have the opportunity to observe cave paintings that are unexplainably set in places of very difficult access: these are the only ones to have been discovered on the internal walls of a chasm so far.
If you are not familiar with rope handling techniques, we recommend you to take this activity over 2 days, so that we teach you the ascent, descent and rope dividing techniques on the 1st day.

Trip price: $ 1,450 pesos per person
Trip includes:
-Transport Tuxtla Gtz – “Fosa de las Cotorras” – Tuxtla Gtz
-Site entrance fee
-Climbing and rappel equipment
-Professional guides
Season: all year long.
Duration: one whole day
Difficulty level: medium
Age: 12 +.


Sótano de la Lucha

The Sótano de la Lucha was formed thousands of years ago, when the roof of a huge subterranean hall could not bear the weight any longer and collapsed, thus creating one of the most beautiful chasms in Mexico.
It has a depth of 240 mts. and a diameter of 250 mts. We can walk to the basement through a 650-meter cave. From this position, we will be able to observe the splendid mouth of the abyss, with its almost circular perimeter.
We will camp in the forest that has grown inside the basement, which will give us the sensation of being in an isolated, lost site, where we will almost expect to see some pre-historical animal run out of the woods. We will have to take a boat and hike for about 5 hours through the beautiful del Mercadito Forest to reach this chasm.
The Sótano de la Lucha and its cave constitute a unique subterranean system in the world.

Trip price: $ 3,500 pesos per person
Trip includes:
-Transport Tuxtla Gtz – “Sótano de la Lucha” – Tuxtla Gtz
-Boat transportation to the press of Malpaso
-Camping equipment
-Helmet with frontal light and batteries
-Professional guides
Season: December - May.
Duration: 3 days.
Difficulty level: medium
Age: 15 +.

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