Expedition logbook

Day 4: Monday 26th March
Lacanjà River, Lacandon Jungle, Chiapas

“… we were rowing close to the edge, where a group of spider monkeys followed us for a while, throwing branches and leaves at us, visibly bothered with our invading their territory. It was then when we saw red flashes cross the sky with constant, loud cries: the cries of the beautiful scarlet red macaw.
At night, the darkness was complete but for the sudden flashes of frequent lightnings, which enabled us to make out the clouds of a coming storm through the thick foliage. The only noise to be heard was the song of frogs and thousands of insects. Suddenly, just a few meters away from us, a deep and loud roar resounded in the jungle… we held our breath… it was the roar of a howler monkey. We started to breathe again…”


We invite you to come and visit one of the most fascinating territories in the Mayan world: CHIAPAS.
You can’t miss the opportunity to discover the traditions of its indigenous communities, to travel down its rivers on rafts or kayaks, visit archeological sites in the heart of the rainforest, enjoy the scent of the vegetation and admire the beauty of one of the last Mexican jungles.
The activities we organize are not designed for conventional or mass tourism: we work for a new type of tourist, for nature and adventure lovers willing to learn about the culture of indigenous communities.
Our trips are designed so that you may enjoy one or several of the following activities:
- rafting
- kayaking
- caving
- hiking in the jungle
- archeology
- mountain biking
We can also tailor your trip according to your interests and expectations as well as the time you have available.
In “Explora”, our main goal is to make you live an enriching experience and enjoy the great diversity of Chiapas, hoping that you will fondly remember it long after and, most important of all: that you will come back.

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