Rio Lacanja Expedition

We will raft 81 kms. down this river—which name means “the Green Water Snake” in Maya—within the limits of the Montes Azules Biosphere (Lacandon Jungle).
The Lacanjà river does not have rapids, but a series of waterfalls and backwaters. There are parts where the river ramifies so much that it looses itself in the thickness of the jungle and it will become necessary for us to open our way with a machete in this immense green sea.
We will visit 3 archeological sites during the expedition. They are located on the edge of the Lacanjà river or close to it, like the archeological site of Bonampak, with its extraordinary murals. Right after this point, we will find ourselves completely cut off from the world.
This expedition will show you how the vegetation displays its exuberance, sometimes even becoming impenetrable.
A wide variety of animals live in the Lacandon Jungle. With due patience and luck, you will get to see them. Witnessing the show that the inhabitants of the forest set up for you is an unforgettable experience.
We will start the tour at the “Río Lacanjà Camp” and finish it on the 6th day in a community that is called “Quiringüicharo” on the edge of the Lacantum river.


Day 1: We will start the tour rafting on the Lacanjà river. The first part of the river is a series of waterfalls and backwaters, followed by a visit to the Lacanjà archeological site and the Moctuniha waterfalls, where we can swim. A one-hour hike inside the jungle will be necessary for us to reach them. We will then walk back to the rafts and continue rowing for another hour until we arrive at the spot where we will camp in tents inside the jungle.
Day 2: On the following day, we will continue rowing for 2 hours and a half to the point on the Lacanjà river that is the closest to the archeological site of Bonampak (about 2 kms. away). After hiking for 50 minutes, we will admire the murals before going back to the rafts to row for another 3 hours on a section of the river that becomes narrower as we reach our 2nd camp.
Day 3: We will row for 2 hours and visit a large archeological site that has no name, with temples rising on both sides of the Lacanjà river. We will then arrive at a section of waterfalls and, after rowing for two hours, we will set our 3rd camp.
Day 4: This day stands out because most of the descent consists in great backwaters. During the trip, families of spider monkeys and choirs of howler monkeys will accompany us on the edge of the river. We will then set our 4th camp.
Day 5: On this day, the river enters a very narrow canyon with many waterfalls. After rowing for 3 hours, we will reach a waterfall that creates a gradual decline of about 15 mts., which will force us to deflate the rafts and carry all the equipment for 3 hours to the foot of the waterfall. We will then set our 5th camp.
Day 6: After rowing for 4 hours in a long backwater, we will reach the place where the Lacanjà river flows into the Lacantum river. A motorboat will pick us up at this point to take us to the Quiringüicharo community. We will drive from there to the Río Lacanjà camp to arrive around 5:00 pm.

Trip price:
6-10 passengers: $ 6,500 pesos per person
5 passengers: $ 7,600 pesos per person
4 passengers: $ 9,000 pesos per person
3 passengers: $ 12,000 pesos per person

Trip includes:
-Food for the 6 days of the tour
-River equipment (helmet, life-jacket, paddles, dry bags, etc.)
-Camping equipment (tents, covers, sleeping mats, cooking equipment, dishes, etc.)
-First-aid kit
-Communication kit
-Motor boat transfer from the mouth of the Lacanjà river to Quiringüicharo
-Land transportation from Quiringüicharo to Lacanjà
-Entrance fee for the archeological site of Bonampak
-Specialized guides

Season: from January to May (dry season).
Duration: six days (our recommendation is to arrive a day before at the Río Lacanjà Camp).
Difficulty level: medium (this type of tour involves a lot of physical activity and teamwork).
Age: 15 +.


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